Management Team

The management team, comprising the project lead investigator, project partner lead investigator, senior research fellow and project manager, is responsible for translating the project’s visionary objectives into deliverable actions that will achieve quality outcomes within the specified project timeline and budget.

The team leads and manages the project subgroups, maintains stakeholder engagement, disseminates the project findings and outcomes, and reports on project progress to the project team and the governance committee.

Professor Robyn Clark

Professor Robyn Clark

CHAP Project Lead Investigator
Flinders University

RN., RM., ICUCert., DipAppliSci., BN., M.Ed., PhD., ACCCN (Life Member), FCNA, FAHA, FCSANZ

Ms Rosy Tirimacco

Ms Rosy Tirimacco

Project Lead Partner Investigator
Integrated Cardiovascular Clinical Network (iCCnet) SA


Dr Susie Cartledge

Dr Alline Beleigoli

Senior Research Fellow
Flinders University


Dr Lemlem Gebremichael

Clinical Pharmacy Research Fellow
Flinders University

Bpharm,Msc, PhD

Dr Stephanie champion

Research Associate
Flinders University

BHlthSc,BSSc, PhD

Ms Katie Nesbitt

PhD Candidate and Web Manager
Flinders University

BNursing, MSc